Current ESLab services

ESLAB: Municipal Greenhouse Gas Budgets
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This version of ESLAB virtual laboratory presents the municipal level carbon budget using modelled budget from natural areas and inventoried anthropogenic sources of greenhouse gases (GHG) for non-emission trading sectors.

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ESLAB: Kuntakohtainen hiilitaselaskuri

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Tässä palvelussa esitetään kuntakohtainen luontoperäisen ja ihmistoiminnasta tuloksena syntynyt hiilitase.

High resolution maps of carbon stocks
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In this demonstration of modelled ecosystem information, we present high resolution carbon budget data for a pilot study region in southern Finland

Coming ESLab services

This a test and demonstration site for the Virtual laboratorioes developed in the Envibase -project.

The results presented on the services are based on the ecosystem models. They thus include assumptions and generalizations on ecosystem functioning and might contain under or over estimations or even erroneous values. The results, however, are based on the scientifically described methods and can also be scientifically defended. The methods used will likely be further developed in the future and the values presented here may change.

In this visualization we aim to present the results for discussion. Information presented here is openly available with conditions that this disclaimer is noted and the authors of the data are properly cited. Users who employ or interprets this data further does it at their own risk.

ESMap visualization has been produced by using the ESLab operations model and technical solutions developed in the Envibase -project.